India Ranks 114th in World Internet Speed: To Rise By 50% in Next 12 Months

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India has come a long way in terms of technology, but Internet speed is something that has been a downer in the country. You here about it everyday, people saying that the Internet is too slow. Reportedly the average internet speed in India is ranked below the average internet speed amongst the countries of the world.

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India Ranks 114th in World Internet Speed

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Sometimes the speed is actually so bad that it feels like the connection is out! According to a report by Akamai Technologies, India had an average connection speed of 1.3 Mbps in the first quarter of 2013, making it the slowest among Asian countries.

As per the report, the average global Internet speed after Q1 and India is ranked 114 among the rest of the countries. However according to the report by Akamai Technologies Director of Products for Asia Pacific and Japan Bruno Goveas says, connection speeds have been improved in India over the last few months, as telcos, cable operators and service providers have been making investments by lying out high-speed fiber direct to homes to offer data plans. Also telcos have been offering high speed and innovative plans for Mobile internet users.

"Many users now get online via mobile phones. High speed data plans are very affordable with some innovative data plan offerings from service providers. Hence, we expect to see a rise is high speed connections," adds Goveas .

Reportedly, corporates are working on improving the speeds further the next year or so. "We expect growth in speeds from users in Tier II and Tier III cities as well, and not just Tier I, given the investments from telecom companies , and with users accessing the Internet from mobile phones," says Goveas.

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