Indian 4G Airwave Providers Allowed to Offer Voice Services: Reliance Attains the Call Rights

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Telecom Ministry is all set to allow telecom service provides who own 4G airwaves to offer voice services. The service providers are required to pay an additional amount of $306 million to offer their 4G voice services. Currently, Reliance Industries is the only telecom company that holds 4G airwaves. The company had won the spectrum band in the 2010 auctions. The recent decision by the Telecom Ministry is going to be a real boost to Reliance Industries.

Reliance Industries is in the process of launching high-speed internet services and now by paying the required fee, the company will be able to provide voice services to its customers. Telecom Ministry has already decided on allowing the companies to offer the service, it is just a matter of setting it into motion. This has been approved by the decision making body, but is yet to be signed by Telecom Minister for the decision to become official.

Indian 4G Airwave Providers Allowed to Offer Voice Services

If Reliance Industries can offer its voice services over 4G networks then it could see a significant growth t in its market share giving it a competitive edge over Vodafone and Airtel. Mobile Manufacturers are also happy with the move as they could sell more 4G phones in the Indian Market.

More than 85 % of the revenue garnered by Indian carriers is from voice services, data is still in its beta stages in India. Data services contribute only 5-6 per cent of revenue as there are only a few people who access internet over phones. On the other hand, Telecom Ministry had also deferred a move to bring all tower companies under a unified license scheme.

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