Indian Consumers Say No to Blackberry 10: A Big Yes to iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3

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BlackBerry have had high hopes for their BlackBerry 10 OS devices which included the Z10 and Q10. The two devices have done fairly well in the market, as they have collectively sold more then 1 million units, worldwide. The company said that it would take a special interest towards the Indian market, but then the market for the brand has been on a decline in the country and is expected to continue.

Indian Consumers Saying No to Blackberry 10

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According to the report by Simplify360, a firm which monitors consumer sentiments on Social Media, 65% of the audience have a negative sentiment towards the brand.

Reportedly the brand gets considerable attention form online social media users, but this is not necessarily a positive reaction. The no. 1 reason for this is due to the fact that these devices cost a fortune. According to Simplify360 research data 56% of those using blackberry would not recommend it to others. 10% of those using the phone are likely to switch to other brands

23 % of the users recommend the brand, while 11 % consider buying these devices. Out of these numbers 7% of the users are eager to buy the new Blackberry Q10.

The Blackberry Z10 is often compared to Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One and iPhone 5 in Social-Media Site. Considering the fact that this device costs a massive Rs 43,490, users feel that the device is not reasonably priced. The top mentions of smartphone's in Social media data of BlackBerry Z10 were scored highest by iPhone 5 that was 11% followed by Samsung Galaxy S3, which accounted to 5%.

It's not all bad news because there are few loyal customers for BlackBerry. "One can never understand the power of a #Blackberry phone till he/she uses it to its maximum potential. I so love it" tweeted Yatin Gupta, a loyal user.

So what can be gathered from this is BlackBerry suffers from a classic Indian term "starting problem". There is no doubt that the Blackberry 10 devices offer a unique and quality user experience, perhaps lowering the prices of these smartphones can considerably boost their sales in India.

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