Intel to stop production of desktop motherboards within three years

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Intel is regarded as the top manufacturer of CPUs in the world. The desktop motherboards which is its secondary business was also very popular in the technology market. Now, the company is planning to halt the production of these motherboards during the coming three years. In fact, the technology market will be deprived of Intel-branded motherboards after three years unless the manufacturer takes steps to release machines with desktop mother boards.

Intel to stop production of desktop motherboards within three years

It seems that the Intel is now concentrating on the release of their Haswell chipset. As the motherboard business was not reaping much profit for the company, their entire focus has been shifted to CPU business. The Haswell chipset can be considered a result of this.

The good news is that Intel will not decrease their work-force in light of this shut down. They are planning to transfer the employees to other departments. Normally, downsizing will happen after a division shut-down to retain the current profit. However, Intel is expecting to make more profit with their CPU business in spite of halting production of motherboards.

Even though Intel is planning a shut-down, there is no intention of ending their research in motherboards. It will continue with the work of creating reference designs for the purpose of testing (internal testing) motherboards. These designs along with Intel chipsets will provide a suitable way for the third party manufacturers to come up with their own motherboards. On the whole, motherboard manufactures who rely on Intel chipsets would be benefitted from this new development from Intel.

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