Internet Across the Globe Slowed from a Massive Cyber Attack

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Internet users around the world are facing painful browsing issues due to what is described as the biggest cyber-attack in history. Reportedly, the attack has been carried out using a technique called Distributed Denial of Service(DDos), which floods a target site with large amounts of traffic in efforts to make it unreachable.

Internet Across the Globe Slowed from a Massive Cyber Attack

The DDoS attack has been targeted at Spamhaus a non-profit organization, which aims to block spam and other unwanted content in the web. The attack on the anti-spam organization is said to be effecting web services across the globe.

Spamhaus maintains a blocked list of web servers that are used by spammers to create havoc. The data-storage site, CyberBunker has long been in the radar of the European spam-fighting group. Cyberbunker, is a Dutch web host which hosts anything apart from child pornography or terrorism-related material. Spammers apparently use the host to send junk mail across the Web. The, news is that growing feud between the two company, has ignited a retaliation attack, on Spamhaus.

BBC reports that five national cyber-police-forces are investigating the attacks. Security experts are saying the attack is more complex then any other DDos attacks. Steve Linford, chief executive for Spamhaus, told BBC that the attack was potent enough to take down government internet infrastructure. Meanwhile, WPTV reports that Web security firm CloudFlare were approached by Spamhaus to address the attack.

"While we don't know who was behind this attack, Spamhaus has made plenty of enemies over the years," wrote Matthew Prince, CloudFlare's CEO, in a blog post.

"Spammers aren't always the most lovable of individuals and Spamhaus has been threatened, sued, and DDoSed regularly." He added.

Apparently, Spamhaus, believes that Cyberbunker, is cooperating with criminal groups from Eastern Europe and Russia to carry out the attack.

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