Samsung vs Apple: ITC Says South Korean Giant Infringed Apple Text Selection Patent

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There has been an intense battle between and South Korean giants Samsung and Apple over copyright issues. There is news that the ITC judge has taken the side of Apple over the dispute. Samsung was accused of infringing key portion of an Apple patent over a text-selection feature for smartphones and tablets.

Samsung vs Apple: ITC Says South Korean Giant Infringed Apple Patent

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The preliminary decision was issued on March 26, but was kept confidential until later. Reuters reports that the full commission will now have to decide on the judge's decision. The final decision is expected to come in August. If the commission decides to uphold the judge's decision, it can order any infringing device to be blocked from being imported into the United States. Apple as alleged that Samsung's Galaxy, Transform and Nexus devices among others were infringing it's patents.

Apple filed a complaint in mid-2011 saying Samsung had infringed a total of 7 patents. However, one of them was dropped during litigation. ITC Judge Thomas Pender found that Samsung had infringed four of Apple's patents. The other two, including Apple's patent that allows a device to detect if a microphone or other device is plugged into a microphone jack were, however dismissed.

The lawsuit between Apple Inc. and Samsung is not just going on in the US. The two companies are involved in a several legal battles that are being fought in different countries including South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australian, UK.

Source: Reuters

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