Microsoft Planning to Setup 14 Innovation Centers in India This Week

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Microsoft has confirmed that they are setting 14 new Innovation Centres this week in India. These innovation centers are being set up at campuses of renowned educational institutions spread across four different states of India. The idea behind these centers is to encourage students and local start ups to work more on Microsoft platforms. Microsoft plans to build around 100 such innovation centers by 2015.

The company sources stated that the Microsoft Innovation Centers would mainly focus on Mobility, Cloud services, e-reader (Kindle) and healthcare related platforms. The 14 centers are being set up in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Microsoft has already signed up MOU's with the various educational institutions and Government bodies to set up and operate these innovation centers.

Microsoft Planning to Setup 14 Innovation Centers in India This Week

Microsoft also added that they will associate with five neighbouring academic institutions in each area as part of these centers and hoped that they would be able to provide certificates to around 100,000 students on different Microsoft technologies and platforms in the next two years through these innovation centers.

Microsoft has put this strategy as part of their initiatives to popularise their mobility and cloud platforms more among the Indian youth and young entrepreneurs. Recently Microsoft announced the new Windows 8 version and their new range of Surface tablets. Microsoft is already quite active with the colleges and educational institutions in launching different certification programs as well as computer literacy in different schools as part of Gates-Melinda foundation.

The company hopes that these new Microsoft Innovation Centres (MIC's) would help to accelerate their efforts in this direction and to make the Microsoft platforms more accessible to technology entrepreneurs and local start up firms.

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