Motorola Posts New Job Listing: Plans To Expand In Wearable Technology

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Looks like Motorola is on a mission to produce some new wearable devices. The company has posted a job listing, seeking a senior director of industrial design for wearables. The Google owned company says it is looking for some one who provide strategic leadership, champion innovation and institute best practices to create a new world-class wearable's [sic] design group within Motorola."

Motorola Posts New Job Listing: Plans To Expand In Wearable Technology

Motorola is no stranger wearable devices, but what does it plan to bring, when it states "new world-class wearables"? Regina Dugan who leads advanced research for Motorola, did speak about an authentication tattoo, that the company is working on (interview with Allthingsd). The tattoo is a ultra-thin patch that could be used to login to devices. Now imagine this, you don't need to remember passwords anymore, just place the tattoo near a device and it unlocks. But, looking at the job post, the company might be looking into something more.

Under the responsibility section, it says the candidate should be able to "define design strategies that synthesize technology innovation and consumer desires". This does indicate that the company is looking to expand in wearable technology arena.

A lot of companies seam to be getting into wearable computing these days. The most notable is of-course Google with it's Google Glass. Is this the future? Indeed this era as to speak of belongs to mobile technology, but it is possible that wearable technology will eventually phase out devices such as smartphones or even computers. Maybe not anytime soon, as this form of technology is still in a early stage. But, a new era of computing might not be that far ether.

Source: Techcrunch

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