Mumbai Leads With Highest Number Of Internet Users In India

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The number of smartphone based internet users have been in a rise since a decade throughout the world. And in Indian context, at 12 million, Mumbai is said to have the highest number of internet users as a whole than any other city in the country exceeding the marks of Bangalore and Delhi. The data comes from a Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

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Mumbai Leads With Highest Number Of Internet Users In India

The reason behind the growth in the number of internet user in Mumbai can also be credited to the population expansion taking place in the city. Apart from that, the increasing awareness about the internet is also another factor leading towards the increase of its users in the city.

And looking from the social networking sites' usage, most internet users include students who prefer using internet on their smartphones.

When it comes to other major cities, Delhi comes at 2nd position with 8.1 million users, followed by Hyderabad with 4.7 million. But comparatively, number of internet users in Kolkata remains lower than most metros. Surprising, as it may sound, India's IT capital, Bangalore falls behind five cities with just 3.8 million internet users in 2013.

Nilotpal Chakravarti, associate vice-president, IAMAI said, "Easy access to internet on mobile phones has resulted in greater internet penetration across India, with smartphones available at a range of prices. Most phones now have internet. Many features on these phones will not be available without internet."

He further added, "Those who began using the net several years ago will not stop doing so today, and have continued using the internet over the years. The growth in internet users is because of new users belonging to lower income groups."


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