Samsung Buys 5% Stake of Stylus Manufacturer Wacom

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According to a report released by Yonhap, a Korean news agency, and an official PDF, Samsung has agreed to purchase 5 percent of stake off Wacom for about Rs. 310 crores. As per the official PDF, Samsung will be purchasing 20,996 common shares of the Japanese organization Wacom at a rate of 255,510 Japanese yen (Rs. 148,000 approx.) per share on the 19th of February.

Wacom is the leading maker of digital drawing tablets which are large pads accompanied by stylus that lets users sketch. The technology of Wacom is utilized in the first generation and second generation Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Buys 5% Stake of Stylus Manufacturer Wacom

The announcement can have significant implications for both the companies. Samsung looks upon the stylus as one of the key differentiators of the company's products. Since China is currently the fastest growing market for smartphones, the purchase of the Wacom stakes seems to be a logical move from Samsung's point of view. Even though there is provision to type Chinese characters, it is much easier to draw them.

As to whether Samsung will roll out more devices using the stylus, there were rumors previously that the company plans to launch the Galaxy S4 with a stylus. This seems unlikely since Samsung seems to be reserving the stylus for the Galaxy Note series of smartphones.

The question lingers about the restrictions Wacom will have to face after the deal is made. It is doubtful whether the company will be able to give license to other handset manufacturers to use their technology. If other companies want to use stylus support for their phones, it might just ensue in yet another patent and licensing war.

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