Samsung Developers Conference 2014 Day 2: Samsung Flow, Tizen Smartphone and More

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It's just been a day or two at the ongoing Samsung Developers Conference, and already so much has been said and done. If first day was too "bland" for your taste, you won't believe what all went down on the second day.

Right from Samsung Flow to the new Babolat connected racket, there were products and services out in the open that aren't to be taken lightly at all. And all that with a new day to bring more new surprises from the South Korean giant.

Samsung Developers Conference 2014: Samsung Flow, Tizen Smartphone

As usual, GizBot has been in the thick of things with its first hand coverage of the event directly from San Francisco. And we have got some immensely exciting pictures of all the devices that were shown off. Take a closer look.

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Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Samsung Simband

Samsung's new Simband health tracker has been announced after six months of closed alpha testing with selected partners. Now Samsung is opening up a public beta of the platforms to all developers. According to Samsung, Simband is "capable of integrating the most advanced sensing technologies in the world." It should also work well with the new bio processor that the company announced as well.

Babolat Play Pure Drive

Babolat Play Pure Drive is an advanced racket that feels and plays the same as its other high-end rackets but gives you a boatload of data after your training session or competitive match for analysis. Just install the Babolat Play app on your phone or tablet, power on the racket and go through your usual game.

Samsung Z

Samsung has also introduced the Samsung Z, the first commercially available smartphone powered by the Tizen platform. The Samsung Z is optimized with a Tizen platform that offers fast and powerful software performance. the phone also comes complete with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and a 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor.

Project Beyond

Samsung has unveiled Project Beyond, a 3D-capturing camera for Gear VR. Pranav Mistry, Samsung's VP of Research, says that Beyond is a "new kind of camera that gives a new kind of immersive experience." The camera houses 16 full HD cameras and shows a 360-degree panoramic view and captures everything in 3D.

Gear VR up for Pre-Order

While this isn't the release of something new, most geeks will be interested to know that Samsung's own virtual reality headset is now up for pre-order. In case you didn't know, Samsung unveiled the VR headset back at this year's MWC.

Samsung Gear S SDK

Samsung's recently launched Gear S smartwatch now has a software development kit that will allow third-party developers to make apps for the Tizen-based devices. "The Gear S SDK enables developers to create exciting, unique applications that harness network and location data by capitalizing on the cellular functions, richer notifications and advanced UI of the device," Samsung says.

Closer Look at Galaxy Note Edge

We just can't get enough of the upcoming new Galaxy Note Edge, can we? The smartphone's curve side display is something that has left the world talking about it. More on the handset when a review unit comes over.

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung continues to expand its vision for the Smart Home, through its own initiatives with Samsung Smart Home and through SmartThings. The Samsung Smart Home platform is designed to deliver smart home experiences that enable new kinds of conveniences for consumers.

Smart Office

Think of this as something similar to the Smart Home concept. The only difference being that this one is linked to all things office.

Digital Health

Samsung Digital Health (SDH) Platform and SDK provides developers a feature to track information on personal health, such as activity, workout, food consumption and more. It also syncs the information with Samsung Cloud server and Samsung Account.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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