Samsung Display Achieves Milestone: Exceeds 300 Million Units in AMOLED Display Production

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Samsung has announced that the tech giant has manufactured over 300 million AMOLED display units for its devices. With the market for the company's devices flourishing, this figure is set to escalate even further. Samsung incorporates the AMOLED displays in the better range of handsets from the company such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. By the looks of it, the company does not seem to have any intention of switching back to the LCD displays.

With the increased demand for Samsung's mobile devices, the company has been getting better at manufacturing AMOLED displays. It is said that the first 100 million AMOLED displays were manufactured over a decade while the next 100 million only took 11 months. The last 100 million took an even shorter period of 7 months to manufacture.

Samsung Display Achieves Milestone: Exceeds 300 Million Units

Users of Samsung devices have mixed feelings towards AMOLED displays. While many adore the display which offers vivid colors and incredible contrast, some others do not quite favor the AMOLED display. The color temperature is not up to the mark with white appearing to be bluish. In spite of this, AMOLED displays are set to scale even greater heights.

Samsung has been definitely working on constantly improving the AMOLED displays. The unnatural colors shown in AMOLED displays are its biggest flaws but Samsung seems to be making headway here too. Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is equipped with a wonderful screen, is ample proof of this. With the advancement in technology the tech giant is definite to bring about worthwhile changes to AMOLED displays further in the year.


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