Samsung Galaxy Devices Showcased at SDC 2014: The Future is Already Here

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Samsung's recent Developers Conference is up and running in San Francisco. The South Korean tech giant is hosting a developer conference for three days in San Francisco from November 11th until November 13th where it will take the center stage to introduce us to whatever new it is planning to do.

We have already seen the first day gone by, but not without its fair share of revelations and sneak peek into the future that's coming up fast. While most people relate to smartphones when Samsung is mentioned, the company is more than just that. And it shows from its developer conference.

Samsung Galaxy Devices Showcased at SDC 2014: The Future is Here

If you are currently wondering as to what went down on the first day of the event and what all were on showcase from the company, you need not ponder more. Here's everything that were shown off at SDC 2014. The future is bright!

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Samsung Digital Lock

House thefts and dangers will soon be a thing of the past once this baby is ready for shipping. This here is the new smart home lock concept introduced under Samsung smart home. And as you may expect, it's completely controllable via your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kid

Wouldn't it be wonderful if our kids could have a tablet that would serve only kiddy purposes? Well, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kid is the answer to that. Expect good battery life, a solid build and decent parental controls.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Now you can do more with your images. The Galaxy Camera 2's 121.2mm(4.8") HD Super Clear Touch Display is what a camera display was meant to be. It also offers an ultra sharp 308 pixels per inch and the full spectrum of glorious colors. Also know that the Galaxy Camera 2's 21x Super Long Zoom is 100 percent optical.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (Black Variant)

While you already know a thing or two about the new Galaxy Note Edge phablet, it's not everyday that you come across a black variant of the same (which is extremely rare). The specs, however, remain the same.

Samsung Smartwasher

Sure, the one dealing with the house safety is indeed a great news. But a bigger news is that the smartphone can now be used to get your laundry done. Just with a few commands on your handset screen, those dirty laundries will be as good as gone.

Samsung NaviBot

So the NaviBot is basically is a mini robot that helps you dust around the house, minus the effort. The new NaviBot has been designed to clean your floors in less time than previous Samsung models. Users could even schedule their cleaning to maximise convenience and help to increase free time.

Samsung Gear S

Samsung's popular wearable tech doesn't really require an introduction. The Samsung Gear S looks to expand the smartphone experience to the wrist. It has been designed with an elegant curved and offers a Super AMOLED display for a comfortable fit. It also has customizable screen clock faces and changeable straps.

Samsung Gear VR

The technology involving Virtual Reality isn't far off. And Samsung is making sure that it arrives early with the introduction of its new Gear VR headset. Expect lifelike clarity while you connect that headset with your phone and experience a plethora of games in a never-before-seen way.

New Range of Tabs

Taking the center stage at this year's SDC, Samsung also introduced us to its newest range of tablets it plans on officially unveiling in the upcoming future.

BMW i3 with Gear S

While automated homes are soon becoming a reality, the same could be said about porting that technology and introducing it onto our cars. Here we see the new BMW i3 that's being controlled by the Tizen-based Samsung Gear S.

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