Sistema Shyam Seeks Temporary Licence From DoT To Continue Services

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Sistema Shyam, the Russian Telecom major is now seeking a temporary license from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to resume its services until the next auction of the spectrum in March. The company is seeking a temporary license foreseeing its cancellation of license by Supreme Court.

Majority of shares of SSTL is held by Sistema, the Russian company, which provides services via CDMA band of spectrum. The company offers its services in various parts of the country. The company, last week has sought a temporary license and told the Supreme Court that it wants to participate in the March auction. It also said that its license should not be cancelled along with other companies. The court then advocated that a separate order be passed on the Russian company.

Sistema Shyam Seeks Temporary Licence From DoT To Continue Services

The company, for now, had forwarded a request to DoT considering all eventualities while waiting for the apex court's decision. The company also hopes to get an order in favour of the company to enable it to continue services till the auction gets over.

The company had requested for a temporary license to be on a safer side so that it can continue its services with the temporary license in case the apex court passes a negative judgment. This move by the company comes after the Supreme Court directed all telecom service providers whose licenses were cancelled to terminate services immediately in a judgment which came in February last year.

The court, further, allowed operators to continue their services as the Government was unable to hold auction immediately. The court, however, decided not to grant extension to companies who failed to participate in the November auction.

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