Skype Now Accounts One Third of International Calls Traffic

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A new study now reveals that almost one-third of the international calls are being done through Skype. There is a significant growth in Skype usage now with most of the international phone traffic across the world routed through Skype. Skype is now among the most popular Voice-over-IP service.

A report on the popularity of Skype was released by TeleGeography. The report shows figures only based on Skype to Skype calls and does not take into account the calls made from Skype to Phone. The recently released report says that of late the international call numbers have grown by 5 per cent. In terms of minute usage it is 490 billion and in that, calling minutes via Skype alone accounts to 167 billion.

Skype Now Accounts One Third of International Calls Traffic

These 167 billion international calling minutes had resulted in a 44 per cent growth of the company. The growth registered by the company, last year, is twice the rate of growth recorded by all other carriers combined says the report. It is also noted that more than 40 per cent of Skype calls are video calls, and this shows that its services do not have any negative impact on phone carriers.

The international phone calling demands have not reduced, but the growth for international calls over the phone has started shrinking with the advent of services like Skype and other services like Google Voices. With migration and tourism steadily increasing, these services are seeing a higher growth rate than earlier.

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