Solar Panel Projects Might Help Overcome Power Crisis in India

By: Malathi A

This ugadi went to my hometown as usual. Chickaballapur. Yes, it is the hometown of Bhaarata ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visveswaraiah- a pride so immense fills me when I think of my hometown. Like him, I too am an engineer, albeit with a different discipline. Relished the delicacies of mom's food at home and I'm still cherishing the taste. But after I ate, wanted to sleep for a while, which I couldn't, because my home had become a hot air oven, thanks to summer which just has only started. Did you suggest switching on a fan? Electric power is such a bad and unreliable resource these days, and also had the company of mosquitoes and their music. No sleep for the whole night.

Staying just for a day made me think of the hardships my parents were putting into each day and curse the low power productivity in our state. With the same heavy thoughts I boarded the bus back to Bangalore. Sitting beside the window I was thinking of the next visit I could make and all the things that I can get my parents to cope up with the power outages. And then I saw the huge infrastructure works on our national highway- Fly overs to the international airport. Then was that I remembered the words of Bhaarata ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visveswaraiah(Pride doubles when I say the full name) when he went and saw jog falls came into my mind-"What a waste"!! Yes the greatest engineer exclaimed like that when he saw the majesty of jog falls and engineered the first hydroelectric-power plant of Asia. Also I was reminded of our Narendra Modi who has initiated the canal top solar power project in Gujarat.

All this prologue was to tell you people about a crazy idea that came to my mind and made me utter the same words-"What a waste"!!! Wastage of the Sun's energy that can be used if we can also install something similar to canal top solar panels. FLY OVER TOP AND METRO TOP SOLAR PANELS.

If Gujarat can have canal top solar panels can't we Bangaloreans at least think of having fly over top and metro top solar panels and produce power? Why should we let go waste of the clean and green natural resource?

And my idea is to maximise the production of this energy by installing panels as movable flaps hanging along the side of the roof top panels that harness energy both when sun is in the east (picture 1) and also when sun is in the west (picture 2).

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picture 1

picture 2

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This is possible if the fly over or metro bridge runs north-south. If it runs east-west the panels can be just placed like wings as shown in the picture below.

What say you fellow bangaloreans???

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