Windows 9: Microsoft Reportedly Set to Launch Next Version of OS in November 2014

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There were doubts of whether Windows 9 would be released any time soon, as news up the upcoming windows blue update for windows 8 came up. According to Win8Chin, which is known leaker of Windows products is saying that Microsoft will likely be launching Windows 9, operating system in November of 2014. There is news that the upcoming operating system is in a development stage.

Windows 9: Microsoft Launching Next Version of OS in November 2014?

There is news that a number of hardware manufacturers are already making arrangements, to devlop devices which will on Windows 9. With the market gradually collapsing, it looks like the companies want to get a head start. However, Microsoft have managed to remain quite regarding the new operating system.

Softpedia reports that NVIDIA and Acer are joining forces to come with a new project, presumably a tablet, that will capitalize on the Windows 9 release. Guess only time will tell, what exactly, the two companies are working on.

What the upcoming platform will bring is merely a stuff of rumors, but that doesn't stop the Windows community from coming up with Windows 9 concepts. The Windows 9 is rumored to incorporate a more modern spin on the UI introduced by Windows 8. Conner Monsees, a DeviantArt user, has created a design of what could be the future Window's Control Panel. Boy, it sure sight for sour eyes.

Softpedia says that there are sources saying, the Beta version of Windows 9 might be made available, as soon as January 2014.

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