WWDC 2014 Now Live: 5 Notable Things We Learnt From Apple's Keynote

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Apple's annual tech conference is currently up and running. And although the event has just started (and will be stretched until June 6), this year's WWDC has already seen a number of expected releases. The most prominent one obvioulsy being the brand new mobile-based iOS 8.

Apple was never really known for introducing new hardware at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, However, Apple certainly makes that up by providing plenty of software updates for fans to talk about.

WWDC 2014 Now Live: 5 Notable Things We Learnt From Apple's Keynote

The recent Apple keynote might have come and gone in a haste, but Apple CEO Tim Cook made sure that he used the pedestal to inform fans about the new iOS 8 operating system. But that's not all as the company also touched on issues regarding health-tracking and smart home markets, third party keyboards, and also a brand new programming language.

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But sticking to the topic at hand, there could be chances that you might have just missed out on Apple 2014 keynote and wanting to know all that went down. Worry not as we have been following up on the event for you, and have also managed to gather 5 important details that we learnt from Apple's keynote.

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So here the 5 notable things we learnt from Tim Cook's recent keynote address at the company's Worldwide Developer conference.

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Apple WWDC 2014: iCloud's Evolution

Popular cloud storage facilities such as Dropbox or Google Drive may have already found its way to a host of users, but with new and improved changes made to the Apple-based iCloud service, it seems like Apple can finally go head to head against all other primary players in the market in that respect.

If you don't know by now, all your photos will be available across all your connected devices with Apple also offering 5GB of free storage space apart from charging lower prices for larger storage. And although nothing is free, it could still spell problem for the likes of Dropbox.

Apple WWDC 2014: No Love Lost for Google

This might not be that great a deal but did you know that Google was mentioned exactly a total of two times in the entire two-hour keynote? In fact Apple made a point about mentioning the likes of Windows Phone and Bing a lot more than it did for Google. And that's tells you a lot about the dwindling relationship the company has with Google.

Apple WWDC 2014: A Keyboard of Your Choice

Apple finally went the Android way and made it possible for all iOS users to choose their own keyboards to work with on their iOS-based devices. So basically Apple, with iOS 8 at the front, will allow you to replace the default one with a third-party keyboard. However, while the third-party keyboards will be allowed on the system, the keyboard apps themselves won't be allowed to send any kind of data unless you yourself allow it do so.

Apple WWDC 2014: Everything's That 'Health'

As revealed at CEO Tim Cook's WWDC keynote, the new iOS 8, when it arrives for uses this autumn, will arrive with a dedicated "Health kit" to organize data related to fitness and health devices under a single roof.

Apple WWDC 2014: Where is the Hardware?

While we did expect this, needless to say, we were indeed felt a bit downed by the fact that Apple didn't have any intentions of showing off any Apple hardware at the event. And while we know that most of the notable hardware will be heading out at the end of the year, still something was expected in terms of the new "iWatch," and even a new Apple TV.

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