Reliance Jio Scam: FAKE Bill Urges User to Pay Rs. 27,000 During Welcome Offer

A fake Reliance Jio bill of Rs. 27,000 is making rounds on the internet. Check out!

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Reliance Jio is the rage right now and everyone wants to get a SIM card from the service provider just to enjoy the benefits offered by the Welcome Offer.

Reliance Jio Scam: FAKE Bill Urges User to Pay Rs. 27,000

However, Reliance Jio is in the headlines almost every other day as there are several rumors regarding the service provider. It was only recently that we came up with a rumor that on December 28, 2016 Reliance Jio might announce something really big.

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Now, there is a shocking information that is making rounds all over the internet. An alleged Reliance Jio bill is circulating on the web and it won't be an exaggeration to say that it is going viral online. Take a look at more details of the same from here.

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Jio bill of Rs. 27,718

It is alleged that a Reliance Jio user by name Mrs. Ayunuddin Mondal using the number +917003324437 from Kolkata has received this bill. The bill as shown in the image above seems to bear Rs. 27,718 as the amount.

Penalty of Rs. 1,100?

While the bill amount is shown to be Rs. 27,718.5 and the due date for the payment is November 20, 2016, the alleged bill claims that the amount will be Rs. 28,818.5 after the due date. This shows that the penality is Rs 1,100 after crossing the due date of payment, which is too high and highly impractical.

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Welcome Offer is free for all users

The Reliance Jio Welcome Offer is valid for all users of the SIM card until December 31. As per this offer, users of the Jio SIM need not pay anything to enjoy the 4G data, calls and messages. In the meantime, this alleged Jio bill of Rs. 27,718 will definitely create confusion among the users.


As the Welcome Offer is going on, it is clear that this Reliance Jio bill is a fake one and isn't from the service provider. Of course it has become viral, but it isn't a real and genuine Jio bill. So, there's no need for the Jio users to panic.

No official information from Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio hasn't mentioned anything about this fake Jio bill as of now. The bill was spotted on a Facebook page that is also not an official one.

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