How to Fix Reliance Jio 4G SIM Overheating and Battery Drain Problems

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Right now, a majority of the smartphone users in India are using the Reliance Jio SIM on their smartphones. The prime reason for the success of the Mukesh Ambani company's 4G SIM is the freebies associated with it.

How to Fix Reliance Jio 4G SIM Overheating and Battery Drain Problems

Well, anyone who gets hold of the Reliance Jio SIM card can enjoy free calls, free and unlimited 4G data, and messages till the end of this year. In addition to this, users are attracted towards the cheap 4G plans and free calls and messages that the service provider is actually offering them after the expiry of the Welcome Offer.

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With the increase in the number of Jio users, the company is hitting the news for the issues that people are facing with the SIM card. While we have already seen common complaints such as call connecting issues, delay in SIM activation, and a few others, here is a different issue.

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Jio SIM overheats the phone

There are some users who have taken to the internet and forums to complaint that the Reliance Jio SIM card is causing their phone to overheat. Well, smartphone overheating is a common issue that many people are concerned about. Some Reliance Jio users claim that their smartphone produces a lot of heat when making calls and browsing the internet.

Jio SIM is accused to reduce the battery life

Some Reliance Jio SIM users are accusing that the 4G enabled SIM card is reducing the battery life of their smartphone considerably. There are complaints that they are in a necessity to charge their phone's battery frequently than before.

There's a misconception among users

There is a major misconception among the Reliance Jio users related to the overheating issue. People come to the false assumption that their smartphone heats up due to the high data transfer speed rendered by the Reliance Jio network. Actually, the data transfer speed will not make your phone hot or reduce the battery life.

Overheating issues are due to the mobile signal

The Reliance Jio network is still in the early phase and there is a huge demand among the users. The network has to release the complete signal capacity to the nearby towers to give you the maximum signal strength. Sometimes, the SIM has to operate at higher frequencies and this will heat the phone.

My Jio apps might result in battery drain

To get the Jio SIM, the users are forced to download a set of My Jio applications. These apps consume a considerable amount of the battery life in order to receive the notifications from the servers of the network. If you aren't using any of these apps, it is recommended that you uninstall the same to save the battery life.

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