Should you choose hourly 3G/4G data packs?

Decide based on your internet usage.

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The Indian telecom sector has been through a roller coaster ride lately as numerous changes have happened in the same. By saying changes, we just don't mean the upgradation to 4G from the existing network but also the incredible offers that the subscribers get to enjoy. Every service provider is focusing on how they can attract more customers with better offers.

Should you choose hourly 3G/4G data packs?

Recently, Vodafone India camera up with the SuperHour recharge pack, which offers unlimited 3G/4G data to the users for one hour at just Rs. 16. Following suit, Idea Cellular is alleged to launch hourly data packs starting at Rs. 22 per hour. This initiative taken by a few operators is a boon to the customers as they were used only to monthly data packs. We know that every operator will introduce such hourly data packs in the coming months.

Unlimited data usage is possible

The major advantage with these hourly data packs is that you can download as much as you want in that one-hour time frame. It is up to you to download and browse for 1GB or 3GB. The more data you use, the more beneficial the hourly data pack would be. 

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The catch...

The catch is how much data can you use in one hour approximately. Maybe, you can download a movie, watch a few videos on YouTube, play online games, and so on. You can try it if the internet usage is something that you always overspend on.

Taking the decision

Choosing between the hourly and monthly data packs is based on your priorities. Of course, the hourly data packs are timebound and temporary. There will be an end to these packs. You need to estimate the amount of data you might consume in one hour and the price you would be spending for the purpose before subscribing to such data packs. If you use it wisely, it will definitely be advantageous.

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