Here's A Trick to Increase the Poor Reliance Jio 4G Download Speed with Your Mobile Browser

Though getting your hands on the Reliance Jio 4G SIM is a herculean task, some people have managed to achieve this task and have been enjoying the unlimited voice calls and data services the telco's providing.

Here's A Trick to  Fix the Poor Reliance Jio 4G Download Speed

However, a good number of complaints have been floating over the internet, pointing at the poor downloading speeds the telco's offering.

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Keeping this in mind, we've come up with a trick to boost the downloading speeds.

Download UC Browser

To implement this trick, you'll have to download the UC mini browser (Click here to download) and the Snap VPN app.

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Start downloading files

After downloading the apps, open the browser, search for the files, videos, songs, or apps you need and start downloading it.

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Here's A Trick to  Fix the Poor Reliance Jio 4G Download Speed

Open Snap VPN

Once the download starts, pause it and open Snap VPN.

Change the IP address

Connect to any of the Indian servers

Resume the download

Now, resume the download and check the speed. You should see a significant increase in the downloading speed.

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