Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer Vs Welcome Offer: Similarities and Differences Explained

Get to know the difference between Reliance Jio Welcome Offer and Happy New Year Offer.

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On December 1, 2016, Mukesh Ambani made the most-awaited announcement. Yes, the Welcome Offer's extension was announced by the chairman of the telco and its called the Happy New Year Offer from now on.

Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer Vs Welcome Offer

The reason for extending the promotional Welcome Offer is, as per the guidelines of TRAI, no telco can offer any promotional offers for more than 90 days. The Welcome Offer was introduced on September 5 and it ended on December 3. Eventually, Jio that wanted to achieve its target of 100 million users had to extend the offer in the name of Happy New Year Offer for another 90 days.

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With this announcement, Ambani put a stop to the rumors and reports that surfaced online regarding the extension of the Welcome Offer. If you are confused about the difference between these two promotional offers, here we have come up with the same to clear all your doubts.

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Happy New Year Offer – What is it?

Those users buying the Reliance Jio SIM after December 3, 2016 will be eligible to enjoy the Happy New Year that offers them a lot of freebies just like the Welcome Offer. This offer will be valid until March 31, 2017.

Welcome Offers had ended

As mentioned above, the Welcome Offer will be valid only for 90 days that is until December 3, but the users can enjoy the benefits until December 31, 2016. Eventually, if you get the SIM card after December 3, you will be subjected to the Happy New Year Offer.

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Free data, calls and messages

Just like the Welcome Offer, even the Happy New Year offer will provide benefits such as free calls, data, and messages to the users. There is no need to pay anything or do any recharge do enjoy the free benefits similar to the Welcome Offer.

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Calls will remain free for life

As announced with the Welcome Offer, the calls made from the Reliance Jio SIM card will be free even after the expiry of the Happy New Year Offer on March 31, 2017. The existing as well as new users need not pay anything and simply enjoy free calls.

1GB FUP is applicable

Before the Welcome Offer, it was the Preview Offer, and back then there was no limit on the amount of data consumed per day. It was really free and unlimited 4G data. With the launch of the Welcome Offer, the data usage had a FUP of 4GB per day and after this limit, the speed will reduce to 128kbps. Now, the Happy New Year Offer comes with a FUP of 1GB, and after this, the speed will drop from 4G to 128kbps.

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No recharge packs in Welcome Offer

As given above, the Welcome Offer had a FUP of 4GB and users were not given any option to use more data and still enjoy 4G speed. Now, with the Happy New Year Offer, users are given a choice of two recharge packs of Rs. 51 and Rs. 301 respectively. Using any of these, users can continue enjoying more data than the 1GB FUP limit without compromising on the speed. The Rs. 51 plan will give 1GB 4G data for 24 hours and Rs. 301 pack will give 6GB 4G data for 28 days.

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