5G Offering Faster Download Speed Than Wi-Fi In Seven Countries: Report


The fifth generation of a mobile network -- 5G, is a much-awaited network in India as it provides great speed and connectivity. In fact, analysts believe that it will help in medical, education, agriculture, and many more sectors. A new study by Opensignal claims that 5G is providing faster download than Wi-Fi in seven countries like UK, Spain, Australia, Kuwait, Switzerland, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

5G Offering Faster Download Speed Than Wi-Fi In Seven Countries


"We find 5G is faster than Wifi in seven out of eight leading 5G countries, but 4G is faster than Wifi in only two of these countries, Australia and Saudi Arabia," Opensignal said. Adding to that, "The U.S is the exception, where Wi-Fi continues to offer a small edge over 5G because of the large number of U.S 5G users connecting on widely available, but relatively slow, 5G networks that are deployed using low spectrum bands."

The firm said that T-mobile and AT&T have introduced services with the low-band spectrum in the United States, which is actually good for providing wide coverage. Besides, the firm believes that the US and the other countries that are offering 5G will sooner or later start providing high mid-frequency bands, which will increase the download speed. However, it believes that mobile connectivity will not affect the adoption rate of Wi-Fi.

"Cellular connectivity will not replace Wi-Fi anytime soon. The rising speeds and additional spectrum capacity, 5G services will make the cellular experience increasingly valuable, and mean that in more situations smartphone users will see a faster service if they switch off Wi-Fi and use their regular mobile connection," the firm added.

5G Vs 4G: Download Speed

According to the firm, the download speed that comes from a 5G network is much higher than 4G. The fifth-generation network is offering 11.8 times higher speed than 4G in Saudi Arabia. It said that in South Korea people are receiving 4.2 times higher speed at 224 Mbps download speed. Notably, there are five million people using the fifth-generation network in South Korea. Furthermore, the firm highlighted that all countries where 5G is available are deploying a different kind or amount of spectrum. It said that these countries are in the initial phase of the 5G deployment.


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