Intel Started Publicizing their 5G Modem that Can Deliver Up to 5Gbps Download Speeds

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Intel, the American multinational company, already started publicizing their upcoming 5G modem, which currently is in the advanced development stage and will be rolled out to the public by the end of this year.

Intel Started Publicizing their 5G Modem with 5Gbps Download Speeds

This next modem from Intel is expected to deliver 5Gbps download speeds, which essentially means that a file of 100GB can be downloaded in under three minutes. This modem uses several new technologies such as carrier aggregation, low latency frequencies, MMIO, and several other.

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We are still distant away from the 5G network to replace the current 4G network as most of the world haven't completely transformed into the 4G arena. But, it is worth noticing that several carriers in the US have already started testing the 5G network.

For example, Verizon already deployed the required 5G equipment in 10 cities, and AT&T also began testing the service in some areas. We are expecting the service to roll out by 2020 and Samsung ultimately is planning to introduce the 5G technology in areas of South Korea by the end of 2018.

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