Sterlite Technologies launches 5G ready network solution

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Domestic broadband gearmaker Sterlite Technologies has recently launched it's a high-speed 5G ready network solu

Sterlite Technologies launches 5G ready network solution
tion named FlashFWD.

The "FlashFWD 5G Series" solution features multi-tube single jacket ribbon optical fiber cable that combines robust performance for duct or direct buried installations, with the productivity of high-count mass fusion splicing.

"We are happy to bring our indigenously developed 5G-ready FlashFWD solution that will enable data-intensive low-latency solutions such as Cloud computing, Augmented Reality, driverless cars, IoT and much more," said Dr. Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Tech.

5G is expected to generate about eight times more data traffic than an average 4G connection, with 15 percent global population expected to have 5G subscriptions by 2021-22, the company said.In India too, applications such as Aadhar-based e-payments, re-authentication, and e-commerce are growing manifold, transforming the everyday living of citizens, Sterlite added.

Sharing the benefits of the new technology, Dr. Badri Gomatam, CTO, Sterlite Tech, explained: "Given the need for extremely high bandwidth and low latency, our technology is disruptive as it moves from loose tube to higher fiber count ribbon cable for 5G networks".

"It is great to see a new high-tech solution developed in India. 5G-readiness in India is as much about radio as about the network backhaul. As long as we are doing everything right to get the network to that level, we will be able to achieve big 5G success," added Shyam Mardikar, CTO, Mobile Networks, Airtel.

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