8 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change the World for the Better!

By: Bhagyesh

    With virtual reality equipments in hand, the possibilities are endless. It can enhance, facilitate and thereby give you a completely different experience of activities undertaken.

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    It can make life simpler and at the same time interesting by pushing you to greater limits both mentally and physically. So here are the 8 ways in which Virtual Reality can drastically change the way we live.

    Virtual Reality: #1

    Gone will be the days when students tried to avoid those boring History lectures. Thanks to Virtual Reality, now students would be able to see and experience all those Epic battles that took place in the history. They would be able to see the rise of Harappa civilisation brick by brick and the journey of our freedom struggle step by step. And because of this higher level of engagement and attention it would be more likely for the students to remember everything.

    Virtual Reality: #2

    We can train next generation doctors, paramedics and other medical personnel and give hands on experience with the help of Virtual Reality. Medical students can perform surgical tasks without the risk of harming a real patient. Dentistry students can use technologies like ‘HapTel' which is based on touch where they can work on a virtual 3D set of teeth. Virtual reality can also be used in other sectors of medicine like paramedic training, preventative medicine and counselling.

    Virtual Reality: #3

    Virtual Reality will be a boon for the differently able people as they would finally have a chance of doing things that they couldn't do earlier. A person in a wheelchair will be able to experience how it feels when you play basketball or skydive. It might also facilitate them to work and be financially independent.

    Virtual Reality: #4

    You would be able to skip those long tiring hours of travel just to meet a potential client. The HR department can take virtual interviews and yet be able to see candidate's reactions and body language just as in a live interview. You would be able to be in the board meeting without actually being there. Virtual Reality can enhance customer experience too especially in retail business. The customer would be able judge if that particular dress would suit on her or not without even wearing it or we would be able to see and maybe even smell the food while we are ordering from home.

    Virtual Reality: #5

    You will be not just be able to see a movie but be a part of it too. With VR (Virtual Reality) you would be able to feel those explosions, that high octane car chases and basically everything happening in an action movie. It's the Stereoscopic displays and Haptic system that allows you to do all that. And not just movies but you can plays games like this too, adding all the more fun to the movie watching and gaming experience!!

    Virtual Reality: #6

    Building bridges, redeveloping cities and visualising the outcomes of the proposed development and renewal are all possible in Virtual Reality. VR will enable the developers to see and experience their projects before they are even started in real life. This would immensely benefit the factor of cost reduction by avoiding possible mistakes.

    Virtual Reality: #7

    Virtual Reality will also change the way we communicate in our day to day life. Current social networking sites and messaging apps may become history or undergo a massive transformation. You could be able to see a person's bio data right in front of your eyes the very first time you meet them. You could even attend a friend's wedding without actually being there or you can even go on a date! (We wouldn't recommend that though).

    Virtual Reality: #8

    Have you ever wanted to first checkout a place before actually paying for the tickets? Well with Virtual Reality you would be able to do just that. It can save your hard earned cash before you get conned by some beautifully photoshoped pictures put up on the site. You can know about the current weather conditions of that place in real time. You can also interact with the environment, checkout the hotel rooms & etc.


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