Google Pixel Watch Gets Skin Interface; Sensor Integration For Enhanced Signal Quality


Google is believed to be working on its first smartwatch, and this notion has been circulating for quite some time. While the Pixel Watch has yet to hit the market, more information about it continues to trickle in.

Google Pixel Watch Gets Skin Interface

Google Pixel Watch To Get Skin Interface Technology

According to a new leak, the Google Pixel Watch will have what is being referred to as a "skin interface." Users of the Google Pixel Watch would be able to operate it with skin movements if this functionality is enabled.

According to LetsGoDigital, Google filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2020 for "Skin Interface for Wearables: Sensor Fusion to Improve Signal Quality." This technique should preferably enable users to engage with their wearable gadget, such as the future Google Pixel Watch by using just their body motions. For example, tapping your earlobes or rubbing your fingers over the skin around your smartwatch will transmit signals to the device.

In the patent for the Google Pixel Watch, Google shows that if users touch their skin all around wrist, forearm, or back of the hand, the wristwatch will recognize such movements and perform the task connected with them. This objective might be anything, but there's no word yet on what Google is hoping to accomplish with the "skin interface" movements.

Google Pixel Watch- Sensor Fusion Features

According to the patent, the device will use an accelerometer and other sensors to detect the "mechanical wave" caused by the gesture, which Google has apparently termed as "Sensor Fusion."

Recent patents have demonstrated that tech companies seek to completely eliminate the need for buttons or touch interfaces on some of their gadgets and give the opportunity to recognize and comprehend movements the user is intended to make on their skin. None of these patents have been implemented yet. Simply put, if you twirl your fingers on your palm, your smartwatch should be able to recognize the motion and do the desired task.


The new gesture input method is now under patent, and there is no way of knowing when Google plans to adopt it if it is approved. However, considering the Pixel Watch is due shortly, it is possible that it may incorporate this technology, especially because Google has been working on its smartwatch for quite some time. For the time being, there is no word on when the Pixel Watch will be released.

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