Apple Glasses Could Redefine iPhone Privacy: All You Need To Know


Smart glasses have gained momentum over the past few months with several new launches hitting the market. Apple also wants a piece of this cake and is said to be working on the next-gen, advanced wearable that could redefine what eyewear can do. The alleged Apple Glasses could also change the way we use an iPhone.

Apple Glasses Could Redefine iPhone Privacy

More importantly, Apple has registered a couple of patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This has further given us an idea of what to expect from the rumored Apple Glasses - even if the launch is going to take some more time.

Apple Glasses With Privacy Eyewear

For one, Apple has patented 'Privacy Eyewear' that can simply revolutionize how we use our iPhone. Plus, this feature would also redefine privacy as we know it today. The patented Privacy Eyewear allows the Apple Glasses user to view content on their iPhone, while no one around them can view the same content.

Apple Glasses Could Redefine iPhone Privacy

The patent 20210350769, shared by Patently Apple, primarily talks about facial scanning. The patent further explains how Apple is considering 'display profiles' based on the different appearances of a recognized user. This is a very broad expansion of the Face ID we currently have on our iPhone, but Apple refrains from mentioning Face ID anywhere in the patent.

Privacy Eyewear By Apple: How Does It Work?

The Apple Glasses with the Privacy Eyewear could be futuristic and come straight out of science fiction. Here, Apple envisions a privacy link between the iPhone and the Apple Glasses. Firstly, the facial scan of the user is done, confirming that the user wearing the Apple Glasses with Privacy Eyewear.

Apple Glasses Could Redefine iPhone Privacy

Next, the iPhone switches to a 'privacy blur operation' where the Apple Glasses user gets to view a graphical output. On the other hand, others who can see the iPhone screen get a blurred graphical output. Simply put, when you view your iPhone screen with the Apple Glasses Privacy Eyewear, you can see basically everything you want without letting anyone access/see it.


Apple Glasses: Future Of AR/VR

Surely, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality glasses are the next-gen of immersive content viewing and creation. Be it gaming or even browsing for something. Apple isn't the only one working on smart glasses. For instance, we have the Google Glasses, Facebook Ray-Ban Stories, and much more.

Apple Glasses Could Redefine iPhone Privacy

Facebook changed its identity to Meta, aiming to create a more immersive, enhanced metaverse for its users. Facebook has also been talking about expanding its AR and VR base, including smart glasses for better social interaction and experience.

On the other hand, Apple has been working on expanding its AR base with 3D scanning via the iPhone. Given Apple's take on privacy and security, the upcoming Apple Glasses could further enhance the company's stance on privacy.

That said, modern users demand privacy - not just from people peeking into their phones. Privacy and security also come from what apps, browsers, and third parties can access on our phones. In that context, one needs to wait and see how Apple can cater to this demand with its smart glasses.


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