Apple's Ambitious Augmented Reality to come soon: All you need to know

Apple's AR to Bring Amazing Technologies to Masses

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Quite lately, the Cupertino giant Apple is exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality in an attempt to implement into future iOS devices. However, we don't know whether when VR or AR product will launch.

Apple's Ambitious Augmented Reality to come soon

If the rumor turns out to be true, Apple is rumored to have a secret team comprising of hundreds of employees working on AR and VR, to use it in upcoming Apple's devices. Falling in line with this information, Apple has acquired multiple AR/VR companies as well.

Moreover, some people who are close to the company says that Apple has embarked on an ambitious bid to bring the technology to the masses.

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The company has the team run by a former Dolby Laboratories executive and it also includes engineers who worked on the Oculus and HoloLens virtual reality headsets sold by Facebook and Microsoft as well as digital effects wizards from Hollywood.

Today, we have compiled important information regarding Apple's AR that you should know.

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Apple AR possibilities

Talking about the possibilities, the AR/VR can be implemented in Apple products ranging from Maps, Snapchat-style camera filters, and other apps to virtual 3D interfaces for the iPhone to full-on virtual reality headsets.

Smart Glasses

Moreover, the company is also reportedly working on various prototypes of the VR headsets. Additionally, Apple is said to be working on a set of Smart glasses that would connect wirelessly to the iPhone and display "images and other information" using augmented reality.

Apple to team up with Carl Zeiss?

As per the insider information, the company has partnered with Carl Zeiss for the smart glasses, which will include augmented/mixed reality functionality.

Apple to integrate AR in Car!

Other tidbits from the rumor mill suggest that Apple could incorporate its AR research in its ongoing car project as part of an in-car software system that could include a heads-up display or other features.

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