FitBit's upcoming smartwatch might see a launch without an app store

Reports are that Fitbit is having problem with the third party app store of its upcoming smartwatch but the company has denied any such reports and stated that the product is on track.

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Fitbit is working day and night to successfully launch its first ever smartwatch and sustain its consumer base. However, reports suggest that Fitbit might have to either delay the launch of its smartwatch or launch it without an app store.

FitBit's upcoming smartwatch might see a launch without an app store

Fitbit announced in February that it acquired Pebble for $23 million and the news made room for speculations of Fitbit ramping up to launch a smartwatch. Now a new report suggests that the American company is facing problems in order to get an app store for its smartwatch.

It has been reported that provision of a third party app store is proving to be problematic for the company. This means that Fitbit may either launch the smartwatch without a third party appstore or it may have to delay the launch altogether. It is quite certain that if the company chooses to launch the smartwatch without an app store it functions will be limited. This might also ricochet a slow sale or poor performance of the product in the global market.

Fitbit is already struggling with a decreasing popularity of its health bands and failure of its first smartwatch is not something it is looking forward to.

Fitbit, however claimed the aforementioned reports to be false and stated that the smartwatch is on track. It also stated that the developer team I not facing any struggle with app store.

The upcoming smartwatch's features have also come to light which includes mobile payments and music support. The smartwatch will certainly have health monitoring options such as heart beat sensor and activity tracker.

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