Levi’s and Google unveils connected Commuter Jacket

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About 2 years ago, Google kindled the fire of expectation among people who were looking for connected clothing by teasing it's first one. Driven under the name of Project Jacquard, Google along with Levi's have now ended the long time of waiting by releasing it's first ever connected clothing.

Levi’s and Google unveils connected Commuter Jacket

Costing $350, the jacket or if you prefer to call it by it's name, "Commuter Trucker," is Levi's and Google teams joined effort "to create a modern version of denim, which is interactive and yet authentic, remaining true to the century-old tradition of denim manufacturing."

Levi’s and Google unveils connected Commuter Jacket

At first, many will be skeptical about the futuristic approach used in the making of Commuter Trucker. Even it is not sewn to perfection, the technology is perfectly sewn within the fabric itself, which makes it a little complicated job to make someone understand.

Anyway, the main part of the jacket is the fabric is actually found in the left sleeve. It is technically powered by a rechargeable tag underneath the sleeve.

It is reportedly said that it is comprised of a "conductive yarn" which can be woven into any fabric, theoretically. As digital trend puts it, it's very much like a touchscreen in order to activate certain functionalities, like playing music.

However, even if the jacket is connected one in nature, it doesn't have any original functionality but is as good as mimicking your phone's core functionality.

This means that it can, in general, help you answer your phone call, read your texts, or managing Calendar and help you with your Maps. For bringing out the best out of the Commuter Trucker, Google is also reportedly looking out for third party developer.

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Sadly, as you all know, not a lot of projects, software, etc. from Google is not quite Apple-friendly, so iPhone users might just have to wait for its own iJacket or iWear, or something with i-prefix.

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