Microsoft’s Emma Watch can help Parkinson induced tremors

An interesting device has been unveiled by Microsoft.

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Now, it's the turn of Microsoft to create some space in the wearable segment. The company unveiled a wearable device by name the Emma Watch at the Build 2017 conference.

Microsoft’s Emma Watch can help Parkinson induced tremors

We can consider this as an interesting device because it is designed as a solution to some health problems. With the innovations in technology and research, they have tried to come up with this new wearable which is said to counter the Parkinson induced tremors. Since more than 10 million people are suffering from this problem globally, this device will surely help them in facing this tremor.

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Reason behind the innovation

All thanks to the Microsoft Research Innovation Director, Haiyan Zhang, who developed this product to help such people.

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She spent six months on prototyping this new wearable device for one of her friend, Emma Lawton. She wanted to help her friend who was suffering from Parkinson's disease in 2013.

How does this device work?

Since Miss Lawton was finding it difficult to write because of this disease, Emma watch was perfectly designed keeping this in mind.

One can easily wear this on their wrist so that the device will be able to send some vibrations to the user's brain and forces to focus on that wrist. This will directly help in stopping the muscle tremors.

Can be connected to Windows 10 tablet

Since the pattern of vibration differs from person to person, one can connect this wearable to Windows 10 tablet which has an app to control the vibration speed.

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One can choose the type of vibration that suits their needs. For Lawton, the rhythmic vibration worked well.

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Now, the company is working towards adding Artificial Intelligence and sensors to this device, so it can be taken to next level in future.

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