Samsung coming up with new Gear VR With 2000ppi screen

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VR headsets are undoubtedly one of the best innovations of the modern era. However, there is a downside of using the VR glasses. If people use the VR glasses for a long time they feel nauseated.

Samsung coming up with new Gear VR With 2000ppi screen

In order to solve this problem, Samsung is planning to introduce a new Gear VR headset that will have a 2000ppi display. We say this based on information obtained from As per Samsung, crossing the 1000ppi mark would make sure that users wouldn't use nauseated. Notably, unlike the current Gear VR, the upcoming VR glasses wouldn't require the use of your phone.

On paper, 2000ppi looks quite high. To give you some perspective, the Oculus Rift has a ppi of 461. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8's display has a pixel density of 570 and that is the highest on any of its smartphones. You might be wondering how Samsung is coming up with a VR headset that has a 2000ppi display.

Well, if you remember, Samsung unveiled a new 3.5-inch panel with a ppi of 858 at this year's edition of Display week. However, that is still not enough for preventing nausea.

Other than playing games, the upcoming headset could be used for watching movies as the high-resolution display would prevent the videos getting pixelated.

The new Gear VR headset is said to launch along with the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the Q1 2018. Naturally, it would come with an expensive price tag.

Meanwhile, Google is also working with HTC and Lenovo to develop a pair of independent Daydream VR glasses, which is expected to launch later this year. It is believed that it will be powered by Qualcomm chips.

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