Samsung, LG unveil Flexible Batteries for Wearables at InterBattery 2015

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Samsung and LG unveiled prototypes of new batteries at the InterBattery 2015 exhibition held at Seoul, South Korea. The newly introduced batteries are driven by innovation and are trend setters for the wearables industry.

 Samsung, LG unveil Flexible Batteries for Wearables

Samsung showcased "band-shaped" batteries that can be worn like a band. Identified as "Stripe" and "Band", that the batteries can be used in wearables or could also be used in T-shirts, jewellery or as even hair clips for women. Samsung suggests that the line of batteries could be used anywhere from clothing to jewellery. The Band, can double up as a smart watch strap that helps to power smartwatches. While the "Stripe" is a 0.3 mm thick battery that is like a strip.

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Samsung claims that the design of the "band-shaped" cells improves their battery life by up to 50 percent, but still lacks in capacity and is unfit for a thorough use as a battery for wearables. The batteries under test conditions can be contorted to the shape of a wrist.

On the other hand, LG's flexible "wire battery," is a hexagonal shaped battery that looks like a watch strap or bracelet. Its wire-shaped body makes it fit for use in wearables and can last for a day long of usage, a representative for LG claims.

The batteries are not just meant for hypothetical judgement, but will hit the markets until they are further developed to be fit for commercial sale.

 Samsung, LG unveil Flexible Batteries for Wearables

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