Samsung patents a smartwatch with an extended display

Samsung files for a new patent for a smart wearable.


Samsung has filed a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office that comes under patent number US D813,864 S 'Wearable Electronic Device' that appears to be a wearable with that will have an ability to extend its display. More precisely, it will feature a rectangular display that will extend to double the size of the frame.


Samsung patents a smartwatch with an extended display

While a lot of patents usually don't make it to the mass production stage and aren't always the accurate representation of the product, this patent depicts a screen nearly identical to the watch band. It will have a curved screen that would wrap around the user's arm, extending down towards the elbow.

The technical drawings also show a double loop, rather than using a conventional watch band. The device will feature an oval-shaped button on the watch frame itself, which resembles the button seen on Samsung smartphones.

Samsung patents a smartwatch with an extended display

It's difficult to say whether this product will ever be released in the market. Also, there's not much of a description available with the patent, and also the practicality of the design is in question.

Not just the smartwatch, Samsung has also filed patents for some innovative smartphone designs. The company recently filed for a smartphone display that expands when pulled from the sides. The smartphone might double as a tablet.

The patent shows that the system will comprise of three different panels. Only one screen will be visible in the normal mode, and users will have to pull the other two panels outwards increasing the real estate of the screen. This will be a welcomed change as the device will double as a tablet and will be convenient to carry around.
When not in use, the other two display panels are hidden within the body of the device. Currently, this is just a patent and it's hard to determine how the device would work. Tucking three display panels in a phone will make the device thicker.

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What remains to be seen is whether these patents make it to the production stage anytime soon. OEMs file many patents that never make it to the production stage, so putting so much hope in any one of these concepts is not advisable.

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