ThermoReal adds sensations of heat cold and pain to your VR experiences

A South Korean company has developed a technology that uses thermo-elecrticity to create sensation of heat, cold and pain for users.

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A startup based in South Korea has given the virtual reality experience a new flame, well literally. TEGway, a subsidiary of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, has developed a VR device that imparts sensation of heat, cold and pain to users.

 ThermoReal adds heat cold and pain to your VR experiences

The ThermoReal is a thermo-electric device which is first of its kind. It has the ability to fluctuate its own temperature from 4 oC to 40 oC. The device is also capable of producing heat and cold sensation on different areas of the body at the same time.

Apart from the VR kit user also needs to use game controllers or gloves to have a go at the unique experience this technology offers. But how does it actually manage to proffer the experience to users?

Well, rhe company has built flexible thermo-electric devices which covert body temperature into electrical energy. With such technology, now if you are playing a VR game using the device and there is an in-game fire that you have to go through or freezing cold water, the palm of your hands will feel the sensation of heat or cold respectively.

Further, the newly developed technology also creates sensation of pinching by creating heat and cold simultaneously on a similar body part. It might seem that the device offers nothing substantial to the world but this ingenious innovation can certainly redefine gaming experience. The technology can be adopted for several use such as in medical emergencies or in cryo-technology.

TEGway has filed several patent applications related to the technology. There is still time before the technology enters the mainstream but its not long before new dimensions in VR experience will be introduced.

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