Ticwris GTS Smartwatch With Built-in Thermometer Records Real-Time Body Temperature


Ticwris, a wearable manufacturer which earlier strapped a smartphone on a watch (Ticwris Max), has now unveiled a new smartwatch with some notable features. Ticwris GTS is the company's latest wearable with a built-in thermometer that can measure real-time body temperature to inform you about your health status. The company claims that the wearable can provide an accurate reading of body temperature in just 10 seconds.

Ticwris GTS Smartwatch Records Real-Time Body Temperature

As the body temperature is a vital sign and its measurement is needed for all sorts of preliminary tests to start a treatment, a built-in thermometer on a smartwatch can be helpful in a number of ways. For instance, the first step to identify potential patients of Covid-19 is thermal scanning. As per WHO guidelines, the suspected Covid-19 cases are advised to monitor their body temperature twice a day. A smartwatch with a built-in body measurement tool can come handy in such scenarios.

Notably, only a handful of wearables offer a built-in thermometer. Even the most expensive Apple and Samsung smartwatches cannot measure your real-time body temperature. We wanted to understand how Ticwris managed to fit it on a wearable platform; however, the company's website does not mention anything in detail about the thermometer sensor used and how effective it is in real life usage.

The Amazfit GTS lookalike smartwatch also comes equipped with a HRS3300 Heart rate monitor and can even perform a blood oxygen saturation level test. The company mentions that the smartwatch estimates oxygen level in your blood by sending infrared light into capillaries in your pulse. The smartwatch also lets you measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure in real-time.

Ticwris GTS Smartwatch Records Real-Time Body Temperature

As far as look and feel is concerned, the Ticwris GTS resembles Amazfit and Apple watches. It flaunts a 1.3-inch squarish dial with rounded edges and a 4D curved glass on top. The smartwatch is backed by a 64MHZ, 32-bit Nordic nRF52832 chipset and runs on a 160mAh lithium polymer battery. The company promises a regular standby of 20 days and daily use of up to 5 days on a single charge.


The Ticwris GTS comes equipped with seven workout modes and is IP68 certified. The smartwatch connects to smartphones via LinKTo Health app and can display notifications from the connected phone and third-party apps installed on the device. The smartwatch is priced at just Rs. 1,920 on Gearbest.com, which makes it a great buy.

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