Soulfit Sonic V08 TalkBand HR review: It’s more than a fitness band

This wearable device takes the fitness bands to the next level.


The wearable market in India is projected to grow in the next five years with a significant growth in the shipments. In addition to the big brands, there are others as well looking out for huge profits. The fitness bands come with several new features these days. From heart rate sensor to blood pressure monitor, there are many features meant for the fitness freaks.


Soulfit Sonic V08 TalkBand HR review: It’s more than a fitness band


The Soulfit Sonic V08 TalkBand HR takes the fitness bands to the next level. The wearable can turn into a talkband as it has an inbuilt earpiece. The Bluetooth earpiece fits in the wrist band and doubles as the dial of the smartwatch. As we used the device for quite some time, we have realized certain aspects of this device. The Soulfit Sonic V08 TalkBand HR did impress us largely, but here is what we think about it as a whole.


The Soulfit Sonic V08 TalkBand HR comes in a compact white box. The box contains the Sonic V08 TalkBand, a charging unit, a micro USB charging cable, additional pair of ear buds, wrist band and some paperwork. The display is glossy making it a fingerprint magnet. The overall design looks good. There is a button on the strap in order to remove the Bluetooth earpiece from the band. There is a bright green light that will be turned on whenever the heart rate sensor is in work.

Though it has a Bluetooth earpiece, there is no difficulty in wearing the band for a long time. The silicone band is not uncomfortable to wear even during workout. It is as simple as wearing a watch. The display is a 0.96-inch OLED panel. The band weighs around 35 grams, which is pretty lightweight for a wearable. But it misses out on the waterproof design.



The Soulfit Sonic V08 TalkBand HR features a removable Bluetooth earpiece as mentioned above. The device has an inbuilt blood pressure monitor, a step counter, heart rate monitor, phone tracking and sleep monitor. While these are standard features seen in many other fitness bands, the Soulfit offering is different as it can act as a remote control to take photos using a paired smartphone. Also, there is a Bluetooth earpiece, which lets answering calls on the go. It also gives an option to set a heart rate warning.


It is not a complicated device to use. To turn it on or off, I just had to tap thrice on the screen. Also, it is easy to navigate from one feature to another. The home screen displays the battery and Bluetooth status and the date and time. The next taps will reveal the features such as the pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and so on.

During my usage, the steps, heart rate and blood pressure monitor functions were pretty reliable. However, it took time for the device to estimate the blood pressure, which was a little annoying. This band comes with an Osram SFH7070 sensor to monitor heart rate. It is an optical sensor, which uses bright light to measure the heart rate and blood pressure.

On downloading the HBand app on a smartphone and pairing the device with the phone, one can unleash many more features and capabilities. During my usage, it took a considerable time to pair the device. Basically, the device works in two modes - normal mode as a fitness band and headset mode to listen to music and answer calls.

Bluetooth pairing in the headset mode was easy. The drawback is that the location on the phone has to be turned on in order to establish a successful connection. On successful pairing, it is possible to activate notifications, phone tracking and remote camera click features from the settings menu.

The Talkband did track steps as I walked like any other fitness band in the market. The notable aspect isthat the step count includes the movement of hands and legs even while traveling. I had the band in my bag while commuting to my workplace and it has taken a few step counts even then. But I was impressed with the step count of my walking schedule as it showed a really good number.

The Talkband has support for voice assistant - Google Assistant in the case of Android smartphones and Apple Siri in the case of iPhones. The voice assistant can be activated in the headset mode by tapping on the touch area for three seconds. It is possible to make calls and listen to music with the voice assistant. During my usage, I couldn't answer incoming calls on the Bluetooth headset a few times. Whenever, I used it to answer calls, the call quality was pretty acceptable.

The 95mAh battery is touted to last for 72 hours. In my usage, I did manage to get over a day and a half of usage.


The Sonic V08 Talkband HR is a good innovation. There are hardly any fitness trackers which doubles as a Bluetooth earpiece. It is very easy to use and has an easy to navigate interface. It has immense functionalities and unique features.

The Sonic V08 Talkband retails at the best price of Rs. 9,999. Though it might sound expensive for a fitness band as most other fitness bands in the market are available at a lesser cost, it is impressive as there are interesting features. It will be a great option for those who want a device more than a fitness band and a wearable with fancy features. But the lack of waterproof design is a major miss.

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