Xiaomi Mi Band First Look: Cheap and Works Best for India

    Smartbands are the next big thing. And the current signs to denote that are very clear in modern day.

    Following the launch of Mi 4i, the Chinese handset maker Xiaomi also launched the Mi Band at its global smartphone launch event in New Delhi. Initially, Mi Band was first launched in the Chinese market last year.

    Priced at Rs. 999, Xiaomi Mi Band can be registered through company's official website mi.com and will be available from May 5, 2015.

    Xiaomi may have garnered quite the popularity with its range of smartphones, but now the company has decided to enter the upcoming smartband scene with the uber cheap Xiaomi Mi Band.

    Xiaomi Mi Band First Look: Cheap and Works Best for India

    The smartband scene is yet to boom into existence the way it wants to, but the way it's coming up in the modern day context is pretty amazing. And hence we see so many companies coming up to the front with their own smartband offerings.

    Xiaomi's entry into the new smartband market holds a lot of promise, to say the least. While the market is still in its nascent stages, to arrive in it with such low price standards is nothing less than banging on war drums against all others harboring hopes to make an impact.

    But while the pricing of the band is as less as ever, what are the apparent features that makes it such a great offering among all else in the market? Is it only its low price factor, or is there even more to it?

    We recently spent a bit of time with the new smartband from Xiaomi and we liked what we saw in the device. Here's our exclusive hands on for the Mi Band smartband.

    Xiaomi Mi Band: Form Factor

    Xiaomi Mi Band First Look: Cheap and Works Best for India

    To begin with, the Mi Band from Xiaomi is quite light in weight. It's a curved device that has a plethora of neon colors associated to it, just to make the device bright and appealing for users.

    In terms of what we have seen until now, the Xiaomi Mi Band offers a minimalistic look, but with brilliant features. It has a simplistic display, that's not dull at all. And as we mentioned before, interested users can grab this wearable fitness tracker in several colors, including blue, orange and bright pink.

    This gadget comes water-resistant with an IP67 standard, so that you don't have to worry about all those occasional spills or a light drizzle when in the open. And as expected, it does an array of useful things that are really impressive.

    In fact, Xiaomi has even considered users who might not be that intimidated by the designing of the Mi Band. For them, Xiaomi will also be releasing other variations of the smartband, including a leather band that will give the smartband a much more high-end look.

    Xiaomi Mi Band: Performance

    Xiaomi Mi Band First Look: Cheap and Works Best for India

    The Mi band, it's safe to say, is much more than a cheap device. At the first glance, the smartband may not look that big a deal with its designing, but in reality there's more than it meets the eye.

    The Mi Band sports a thumb-sized sensor that's plugged into the band. And keep it mind that it does mean that the device can't display any sort of metrics if you looking to get details after a heavy workout session.

    But then again, the smartband looks perfect for a budget wearable device to just track the user's steps or activity, and that's justified by its $13 price tag. Apart from that, the Mi Band tracks all you data and syncs to the smartband's Android app that has been developed by Xiaomi.

    The smartband tracks your health metrics, while also keeping a check on your movements and sleeping patterns. You could even unlock a certain Android device with the smartband and set alarms according to your needs.

    However, from what we have seen from the smartband until now, it seems, for the time being, it can only do the proximity security unlocking for Xiaomi smartphones. And this works out, provided you have the phone in the same hand as you are wearing the smartband.

    Xiaomi Mi Band: Usability and Productivity

    Xiaomi Mi Band First Look: Cheap and Works Best for India

    For any wrist, the Mi Band sits quite well. That makes it easy to use and carry it wherever you want. And as we mentioned before, as the device is certified with an IP67 standard, it's easy to carry off the smartband in light drizzles outside.

    Very honestly, the Xiaomi Mi Band is very easy to use. It offers a simple design and offers quite comfortable a feeling when you wear it during workout sessions or jogging. Hence it becomes a perfect assistant for everyday use.

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    The smartband is more effective if you also own a Xiaomi handset. This is because by simply waving it in front of a handset, it will successfully unlock the phone without having to key in your password every time.

    As we said before this, not only can you check on your sleeping pattern and waking schedule with the smartband, but can also be used for several other purposes. Tracking health and fitness issues are just a few.

    Hence, don't go by the looks of the device since it may or may not appeal to you that much. But once you head inside it, that's where the real deal starts and you easily manage all your daily activities without sweating out much over it.

    Xiaomi Mi Band: Battery and Verdict

    While we still wait for a full complete review for the smartband, we have to say that the battery remains one of the most important factors for the smartband. Apparently, the built-in battery life gives you up to 30 days of standby time.

    Xiaomi Mi Band First Look: Cheap and Works Best for India

    That means you can rest assured that on just a single charge, the device will be good to go and carry out all the essentials that you need via connecting your handset to the smartband. Hence, we can deduce that the smartband is a power packed device that will stick with you on an everyday basis.

    The Mi band smartband from Xiaomi is no gimmick. It does whatever is required off it. And a Rs 999 price tag is more than justified. In fact, it's as good a bargain as you will get all year.

    The device is one of those revolutionary products that have hit the market in recent times. And at a dirt cheap price tag, we don't see why the smartband won't catch up with all those looking for a smartband but not willing to invest much on it.


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