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10 Facts About The James Webb’s Space Telescope

Here are the facts about the biggest space telescope in the history of mankind.
The Biggest Space Telescope in History with the 21.3 foot-wide primary mirror
JWST’s primary mirrors are plated in 24-karat gold.
A golf-ball-sized amount of gold was used to coat the entire 21-foot-wide mirror
JWST will orbit Earth at 940,000 miles away which means JWST will not be serviceable during its mission
Angular resolution is everything for space telescopes and JWST can clearly resolve a football from 340 miles away.
JWST can read unique signatures in the light, telling a planet’s chemical composition. This will help us locate new planets and accurately identify the presence of water.
JWST will try to see the light from the universe’s first stars and galaxies.
JWST will be folded on rocket and expand to its full size in space
One Side of the JWST will always face the Sun and will constantly sit at 185ºF.
The other side, containing the mirrors and instruments, will constantly sit at -388º F.
The high-tech instruments aboard JWST will operate at nearly absolute zero to decipher data accurately
JWST will blast off from a European Spaceport near French Guiana in South America on Ariane 5 rocket.