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Best Multiple USB Charging Hubs And Charging Station In India

Here are some of the best USB charging hubs or charging stations that offer eight USB ports with support for charging.
Portronics POR 343 UFO 6 Ports 8A Home Charging Station
Price: Rs. 694
Portronics Power BUN
Surge Protector
Price: Rs. 799
Destinio Multi Charger
Price: Rs. 999
CEZO USB Charger USB Charging Station
Price: Rs. 999
3 idea Imagine Create Print Tessco BC-205 22W 4 Ports USB Charger
Price: Rs. 785
Live Tech PS06 with Free 3PC Charging
Price: Rs. 1,362
Microware Multiple Smart USB Charger, 8-Port USB Charger
Price: Rs. 4,499
Soopii Quick Charge 6-Port USB Charging Station Organizer
Price: Rs. 2,999
tnext Six Port Charger
Price: Rs. 1,799