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Best Smart Air Purifiers With Wi-Fi Connectivity

Here are the list of best air purifiers with wi-fi connectivity
Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter
Deal Price: Rs. 9,999
M.R.P.: Rs. 12,999
Smart Air-Chemical Warfare Air purifier
Deal Price: Rs. 9,499
M.R.P.: Rs. 9,999
Carrier Klarwind WiFi and Alexa Enabled Air Purifier
Deal Price: Rs. 37,900
M.R.P.: Rs. 49,900
Honeywell Air Touch-S8 Smart and App Based Room Air Purifier
Deal Price: Rs. 18,489
M.R.P.: Rs. 33,990
Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier
M.R.P.: Rs. 43,900
Deal Price: Rs. 24,900
Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier Offer: M.R.P.: Rs. 11,995
Deal Price: Rs.9,499
TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier
Deal Price: Rs. 18,999
M.R.P.: Rs. 34,499
Breathify Air Pro - Air Purifier
Deal Price: Rs. 9,190
M.R.P.: Rs. 12,843
PHILIPS Air Purifier AC3055/60
Deal Price: Rs. 30,009
M.R.P.: Rs. 35,995