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Blue Origin’s Fourth Crewed Flight Scheduled For March 29

Here are the details about the upcoming crewed spaceflight
Blue Origin is now gearing up for its fourth crewed spaceflight, which will carry six people into suborbital space
Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft is scheduled to liftoff on March 29 for its space trip
It's scheduled to take off at approximately 9:30 AM EDT (around 7 PM Indian time) from the company's Launch Site One near Van Horn, Texas.
The crew members include Blue Origin employee Gary Lai and five paying customers: Marty Allen, married couple Sharon Hagle and Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen, and George Nield.
The New Shepard is a reusable rocket and capsule
The New Shepard rocket is expected to land vertically soon after the launch and the crew capsule will descend under parachutes after the mission is completed.
The mission involves going up to the Karman line, which is considered as the boundary of space by international agencies
Blue Origin stated that this is an autonomous rocket and no pilots are required