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HoloLens 3 Cancelled ?

Here is everything you need to know about Microsoft’s plans for the HoloLens 3
Microsoft has reportedly cancelled the plans to release the HoloLens 3.
Microsoft recently been given the contract by the Government to develop IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) based on HoloLens.
The company seems to be divided in  between bringing the HoloLens for consumers and investing in the contracts like IVAS.
According to the reports Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella would prefer to develop software for the metaverse which can be used by other companies in their AR headsets.
Microsoft has tried to build a partnership with Samsung to build the hardware but this hasn’t gone as planned.
A couple of months ago Qualcomm announced the development of a chipset for AR headsets with Microsoft.
This leads towards that Microsoft is out of the way to partner with Qualcomm for building a chip that it’s not going to use.
This is interesting to see whether the company has given up totally on HoloLens 3 or there is still hope for the same.