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How NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Changes Space Exploration

NASA Artemis 1 mission is scheduled for liftoff on August 29, and here’s how it paves the way for routine space exploration beyond the Earth’s orbit.
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NASA Artemis 1 mission will send an unmanned rocket to the Moon and deploy satellites.
The mission will involve the powerful Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft.
The Artemis 1’s “heavy lift” vehicle is the most powerful rocket engine sent to space.
The new rocket is more powerful than even the Apollo Saturn V vehicle that carried astronauts to the moon.
The mission will last for 42 days, where the spacecraft will orbit the Moon and return to Earth.
The success of Artemis 1 will be followed by the Artemis 2 manned mission.
NASA’s Artemis 2 mission will also orbit the moon, but will involve a human crew.
The subsequent Artemis 3 mission will send the thirteenth man and the first woman to the Moon.