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How To Book Uber Ride On WhatsApp

The ride-hailing service Uber recently announced the ability to book rides directly via WhatsApp.
Abhishek Joshi
The cab service provider said that the ability to book rides via WhatsApp will be available in Hindi and English and will be currently available for commuters in Delhi-NCR.
Interested users who want to book a Uber ride via WhatsApp can use the chatbot - WhatsApp to Ride (WA2R)
It is possible to book an Uber ride by just messaging the service's business account number, scanning a QR code and clicking the link to open an Uber WhatsApp chat.
Step 1:
You need to send a message to ‘+917292000002’ on WhatsApp.
Step 2 :
The chatbot will ask you to provide the pickup and drop locations similar to the Uber app.
Step 3 :
You will get the upfront fare information and the expected time of arrival of the driver.