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How To Save Your Smartphone's Battery From Dying Prematurely

Here’s how to save your smartphone’s battery from dying prematurely.
Abhishek Joshi
The best way to keep the battery from succumbing is to prevent components from charging to 100%.
Life span of the battery relies on the number of charging cycles it has. Each cycle is counted when the device charges from 0 to 100%.
By preventing the phone’s battery from reaching 100%, users can prevent a full charge cycle and stretch out the time it takes for the phone to complete a charging cycle.
iPhones running iOS 13 or above have features that automatically cap charging at 80% and take time to reach 100% to keep the battery’s health in check.
To extend your phone’s battery life, never let it hit the zero mark.
The best range to run a smartphone’s battery is between 20% and 80%.