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How To Send WhatsApp Stickers On Independence Day

India is celebrating its Independence Day on August 15. There are simple and easy ways to send WhatsApp stickers for the Independence Day and here's how to do it.
Harish Kumar M
Step 1:
Open the chatbox where you want to send the WhatsApp sticker >tap the smiley icon.
Step 2:
You'll find three options here: emojis, gif, and stickers. Select the square icon for the sticker, which will reveal the sticker panel.
Step 3:
Tap the "+" sign to get more stickers. Here, scroll to the bottom for the 'Get More Stickers' option and click on it.
WhatsApp Stickers For Android
Android mobile users have multiple options to send WhatsApp stickers for Independence Day. WhatsApp also has several in-built stickers made available now. One can search for these stickers on the popular messaging app. Or, you can download any sticker app from Google Play.
Independence Day Stickers For iPhone

On the other hand, sending Independence Day stickers on iPhones is also quite easy. There are a couple of stickers available on WhatsApp for iOS and users might find interesting options for our Independence Day. Alternatively, you can also download WhatsApp stickers for Independence Day - just like Android.