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You've Been Applying Thermal Paste Wrong; Here's the Correct Way

Noted hardware guru igor'sLAB has finally put the thermal paste application argument to rest. Apparently, it's best to apply the thermal paste in a straight line. At least for GPUs.
Harish Kumar M
According to Igor Wallossek from igor'sLAB, the traditional method of spreading thermal paste in various patterns isn't as effective as his recommendation.
Image Credit: igor'sLAB
Applying thermal paste in a sausage-like pattern can reduce GPU temperature by five degrees
Image Credit: igor'sLAB
Straight line thermal paste application is better than dot-type application, as Igor discovered through rigorous testing.
Image Credit: igor'sLAB
Dot-type application is best for entry-level GPUs like RTX 3060.
Straight line application is best for high-end GPUs like RTX 3090.
Be sure to clean the surface of the GPU die prior to re-applying thermal paste.
Note: Removing the GPU cooler assembly might also void your warranty (in some cases).